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Mama Meatballs Pizzeria is more to us than just a pizza shop. We are about Tradition, Quality and Artisanship. Our family originated from Italy and brought over with them delicious, homemade family recipes. Growing up, you would find Bruno helping his mother in the kitchen learning her techniques and recipes. He started helping out in our family’s pizza shops when he was 7 years old. As time went on, Bruno decided branch out and open up his first pizzeria in the 90’s. There was nothing more fitting to him than to name it after the person that taught him everything he knew, his mother, “Mama Meatball.” She was given that nickname when Bruno was younger and it stuck with ever since. Our family, including Bruno, his wife and children, have all worked hard to grow Mama Meatballs Pizzeria into the success it has become now. We have accomplished this by never loosing sight of using only the freshest ingredients, making everything from scratch daily and creating a family-like atmosphere from our staff to our customers. We pride ourselves in being the difference in finding true homemade food, coming to a place you’re treated like family and establishing personal connections with customers.

Grazie, From our family to yours

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